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Our promise

LAND & GO: safe and quality service.

Our method: LAND & GO is focussing its efforts on


Efficiency requires the use of the most powerful technology to ensure customers LAND & GO, the best quality service possible.

To this end, LAND & GO sets up a quality process that incorporates leading-edge technologies focused on the use of RFID chips and active geo-location of its carriers to ensure the safety and traceability of luggage.

The quality

LAND & GO made quality a challenge daily.

That is why we adapt to the needs of our customers by understanding and constant analysis of their requirements to provide better service focused on meeting and fulfilling our commitments.

Know How

In order to provide efficient service and to respect our commitments, LAND & GO has developed methods and processes that use a single technology.

We also have a training program that aims to maintain or improve the skills of our staff on our business.


The integrity of the baggage of our customers and the protection of personal information is our constant concern, so LAND & GO establishes a procedure for the best baggage handling at the care and use of technologies to encrypt information.

How does it work?

LAND & GO is based in London, England and has offices in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Brussels.

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