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Door to door service

How It Works

The process is simple, we pick up your baggage a day before your flight and we proceed to send it ahead where is waiting for you upon your arrival.

  1. Order

    You can book directly a service online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by phone Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm. If you have to travel tomorrow in Western Europe and you need your luggage to be at destination before your arrival, you must book the service today with all the information’s. Your luggage will be then retrieving before 4 pm.

  2. Preparation
  3. You need just to prepare you luggage as usual when you are travelling. Be sure that that the luggage was prepared by your self. You must respect exact weight; otherwise, you will paid a fee on over weight. LAND & GO will take care of the rest.

  4. Pick up
  5. A LAND & GO agent comes to your home, hotel or office to collect your luggage or your shipment. Your luggage is then sealed, wrapped and shipped forward your final destination.
    For special luggage:

    • Golf clubs
    • Ski Equipment
    • Windsurf
    • Diving Equipment
    • Surf
    • Bicycles

    LAND & GO sets on your disposal some a packing suitable for your personal belonging with low prices from 5 to 10€.

  6. Delivery
  7. LAND & GO ensure the shipment of your luggage at his final destination. Our time delivery is guaranteed (before 12:00 am the next day in all Western Europe). You are informed when the delivery has done. Your luggage is waiting for you upon your arrival.

  8. Invoicing
  9. Our Price includes VAT and fuel surcharge. They depend on the weight of your luggage. In some cases, they may depend on the volumetric weight. The payment is made online or at the collection time of your luggage.

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